4. Home & Then Another Trip & Another Kaputt

Having survived the trip from hell, I would work on the RV and, thinking I had it fixed, would embark on another trip only to find it necessary to make a bee-line back home.

Synopsis (will be elaborated upon in future)

2003 - A 3 day trip to Bishop was taken, during which Southern California became engulfed in wild fires and the shift lever cable broke.

2004 - A trip to Bishop amd up Sonora Pass was completed without incident.

2005 - A trip to Bishop and on to Yosemite ended in a low on oil panic.

2007 - A trip to the Sierras ended in a power steering pump broken hose and fire after mechanics had presumably fixed the lines.

2008 - A trip to Northern California ended promptly when it appeared I was losing gas.

2009 - A trip to Lake Hemet and to Valley Center on the new engine revealed my aux tank switch was not working again.

2010 - Two trips to Hemet revealed ignition problems.

2011 - Finally a successful run to Lake Hemet,

(To be continued)